Life After Adoption for Birthmoms

Pregnancy changes your day to day life. It doesn’t just affect how you feel or look. Your schedule and habits begin to revolve around that baby that’s growing inside of you. You go in for checkups, you attend classes, you read books. As you draw closer and closer to the birth of your child, your pregnancy starts to become a part of your identity. 

And then the day comes, the child is born, and just like that, you are no longer pregnant.   

For many women, this is where their journey into motherhood begins. Their life revolves around taking care of their child day after day. Women who have chosen to make an adoption plan, however, have a different journey ahead. 

It can be difficult to return to “everyday” life after giving birth. Postpartum depression is common among moms, whether their child is being adopted or not. But for those whose child will be adopted and raised by another family, adjusting to life after birth can be particularly challenging at first. 

This is a natural reaction to have. You feel an attachment to your child. That is a normal and healthy thing. During this time, it’s important to remember why you decided to create an adoption plan.  Your “why” was based on the hopes and dreams you have for your child.  

It’s just as important that you focus on the hopes and dreams you have for your own life.  

You Still Have a Life to Live 

All of the possibilities you had for your life before your pregnancy are still there. This is your time to make things happen. Some women chase the career they want. Others finish their education or pursue other opportunities.  Many birthmoms have hopes of living healthier lifestyle and working towards healthy family relationships. The choice is yours. 

In the meantime, it’s important to surround yourself with people who love and care about you. Choosing Hope Adoptions has birthmom support groups and professional counseling available for you.  

You Can Still Be a Part of Your Child’s Life After Adoption 

While the act of adoption does terminate your legal rights as a parent, it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have a part in your child’s life. Adoption plans can look very different from situation to situation. As the birthmom, you have the initial say in what contact you can have with the child after they are born. 

Some birthmoms and adoptive families agree on an open adoption. This is where a written agreement is made that allows you visitations and regular updates. If this is something you want, it’s important that it’s agreed upon before the adoption takes place. 

An adoption agency can help you better understand your options and make sure that you are happy with your adoption plan. 

Finding an Adoption Agency That Will Support You 

As a birthmom, it’s important that you find an ethical adoption agency to work with. They will not only ensure that your child finds a healthy home, but they will be there for you during and after your pregnancy.  

At Choosing Hope Adoptions, the care and support of our birthmoms is one of our highest priorities. We make sure you have an understanding of the resources and funds available to you as a birthmom. We also host and connect birthmoms with support groups that provide you with further support while creating healthy relationships. 

For an ethical adoption agency in Columbus, Cincinnati, and the rest of Ohio, Choosing Hope Adoptions is here for you. 

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