Adoption Agencies in Ohio

You Have Options—and Support

Adoption is an extensive and complicated process. A competent and ethical agency should do far more than hand you forms to fill out and collect your money. Choosing Hope Adoptions provides a complete range of services to help pregnant women and prospective parents navigate the process while feeling reassured throughout the entire process.

Education is at the core of successful adoption and a fulfilling experience. We offer various tools and resources to help expecting mothers and families feel empowered to make critical decisions.

Ethical Adoption Agency in Ohio

There are thousands of adoption agencies throughout the United States, but it’s important to do your homework before you commit to working with one. Choosing Hope Adoptions is an ethical licensed adoption agency serving Ohio. Why is it important to work with an ethical adoption agency? These agencies:

  • Are committed to providing a clear adoption process for birth moms and prospective families
  • Use their expertise and resources to make adoption affordable and accessible for more families
  • Work diligently to ensure that the rights and needs of the child, birth mother, non-custodial parent, and adoptive parents are met
  • Make sure that no party ever feels coerced or pressured into making a decision they feel uncomfortable about
  • Encourage pregnant women and prospective families to get to know each other to foster a healthy relationship before adoption
  • Encourage open adoptions, with an adoption plan that protects the best interests of everyone in the adoption triad
  • Provide round the clock support for birth mothers and adoptive families throughout the adoption process and after the child is placed

A Beacon in Uncertain Times

Many women facing an unintended pregnancy feel overwhelmed by the decisions they need to make. If you’re pregnant and trying to decide whether you’re ready to raise a child, place it in foster care, or placing it with an adoptive family, call us. It’s important to know that you aren’t under any pressure to make life-altering decisions right away once you choose to continue your pregnancy. We offer professional counseling services to birth mothers, as well as education and resources to help you make a choice that’s in the best interest of your child and that you can live with. In addition to these resources, we offer:

  • A thorough screening process for adoptive parents to ensure that your child will be placed in a home where it will thrive
  • Assistance with contacting the child’s biological father
  • Assistance with creating an adoption plan
  • Up to $3,000 to help with essential expenses such as housing, utilities, health care, and nutrition
  • A post-adoption support group for birth moms
  • Support and resources for mothers who change their mind about adoption and decide to raise their child

Please know, if you’re pregnant and unsure of what to do next, you don’t have to face these decisions on your own. Whichever option you choose, we know that you’ll have many questions and concerns along the way. Choosing Hope Adoptions’ team of adoption experts and counselors is here when you need us, 24/7.

Looking to adopt baby in Ohio

Giving Hope to Families Throughout Ohio

We understand the frustration and heartache that many parents face when they want to welcome a child into their family. Many of us have been there ourselves. Our understanding and a deep sense of compassion guide us as we help hopeful parents through the adoption process. We are dedicated to making adoption accessible and affordable for families throughout Ohio.

Choosing to adopt a child is a long, complicated process that often leaves prospective parents feeling discouraged. When you work with Choosing Hope Adoptions, you’ve got a full staff of adoption professionals and counselors on your side. And we’ll stay by your side from the pre-screening process and creating your profile book until you take your precious new child home. Whenever issues arise, or you have any questions, you can reach a member of our team any time, any day.

Why an Open Adoption is a Healthy Adoption

Although adoption focuses on the child’s well-being, it’s essential to understand that every member of the adoption triad is important. As part of our commitment to ethical adoptions, we work with families and mothers to create a plan for open adoption. We believe that these arrangements respect the birth mother’s privacy while protecting all parties’ needs and rights in the triad.

As the birth mother, you have the option to have contact with your child and its adoptive family or to limit your interactions with them once your baby is placed. If you choose limited contact or no contact with your child and its adoptive parents, you still have the option to follow your baby’s growth and development through letters, pictures, and videos.

We also believe it’s beneficial for the adoptive parents and the birth mother to develop a relationship as early on in the adoption process as possible. We help facilitate this by assisting prospective parents in creating a thorough and compelling profile. Your family’s story helps expecting mothers choose a family whose values best align with the hopes and dreams she has for her child. A healthy relationship between the birth mom and adoptive parents promotes peace of mind and can lead to a fulfilling outcome for every adoption triad member.

Ohio Ethical Adoption

Every Child Deserves a Loving, Nurturing Home

As a Christian agency, the staff at Choosing Hope Adoptions is guided by God’s love for all of his children. We are devoted to making sure every child grows up in a safe home, surrounded by love and joy. There are many adoption agencies in Ohio: choose one with the expertise and compassion to transform a complex, stressful process into one that is ultimately rewarding for every person in the adoption triad. Whether you’re a pregnant woman or a family hoping to welcome home a new child, call us or send us a text message and let us know how we can serve you.