Choosing Hope Adoptions is Leading Ohio in Ethical Adoption

Choosing Hope Adoptions understands the adoption process is complicated. We are in this with you. We are licensed and equipped to carry out the adoption process from start to finish. When you have questions, or need support, we are always just a phone call or email away. We look forward to serving you! 

Below is a glimpse into our ethical adoption process. 


Step 1: Application
This first step allows our agency to get to know the prospective Adoptive Family and determine if they meet the requirements for adopting through Choosing Hope Adoption.

Step 2: Application  
The application is the collection of documents required by the state and federal government. These documents are also used by the social worker to assist in preparation of the Adoptive Family’s home study. 

Step 3: Home Study
Choosing Hope Adoptions will provide domestic home study services to prospective Adoptive Families residing in Ohio. The home study is an evaluation and licensing process of the prospective Adoptive Family required by state. It is also a time to help educate the family on adoption. 

Step 4: Family Profile Book Preparation
Your profile is a snap shot of you, your family, and your life. It is the first glimpse expecting parents get into your life as they consider who they will choose to parent their child. We have partnered with Kindred + Co for profile design.

Step 5: Waiting to be Chosen (Full Service Adoptions)
After the Home Study your finalized Family Profile will be on file with Choosing Hope to share with Expectant Families. It is very important to set appropriate expectations for Adoption Families. Choosing Hope Adoptions cannot guarantee if, when or how often the Adoptive Family profile will be presented and the preference/limitations the Adoptive Family sets also factor in to how often your profile is able to be presented. The Adoptive Family should estimate approximate time to placement is 1-2 years 

Step 6: Being Chosen (Full Service and Pre-Identified Adoptions)
When biological parents choose you to parent their child we call it “chosen.”

Step 7: Placement
Placement happens after the biological parents have officially terminated their rights as parents and Choosing Hope then places the child in your home until the adoption is finalized.  

Step 8: Post Placement and Finalization (Full Service and Pre-Identified Adoptions)
Post placement is the period of time after the child has been placed with you but before the adoption has been finalized in the Ohio Probate Court. In Ohio this process is 6+ months.

A Note about Financing Adoption
Choosing Hope Adoptions recognizes that many hopeful adoptive parents pass on their dream to adopt due to the sheer cost of adoption. Choosing Hope Adoptions is a non-profit Christian Agency in Ohio. We fundraise much of our overhead costs to help keep these costs to a minimum. Our costs are less than half the national average. We suggest this resource for grants and fundraising ideas.

For more information about starting the adoption process contact us by clicking here