Pregnancy Options

1. Parenting your child

We'll give you helpful tools and resources you need.

2. Making a proactive adoption plan

We guide you step-by-step and offer help with livings expenses and professional counseling at no charge to you.

3. Abortion

We'll give you contact info for your local Pregnancy Resource Center for education, options, etc.

Call or text us ANY TIME to talk about your options.

Choosing Hope Adoptions will provide you with CONFIDENTIAL and personalized support as you make in informed and loving choice for your child. Knowing this is a vulnerable and challenging time, we will help by offering:


At Choosing Hope we 
recognize the hard decisions you face and promise to walk with you through them. Although you may not be ready to parent, you still have unique dreams and desires for your child; adoption may be a good choice for you and your baby. 
We offer specialized plans for adoption in Ohio with a variety of wonderful, pre-approved families to choose from. See some of our families here.
Adoption requires courage and sacrifice which will enable you to create a proactive plan for your child(ren) if you’re not ready to parent. We are here to help empower and support you in creating a plan that best addresses the needs of your child(ren) and you. 
We are honored to offer our expectant parent and birthparents services completely free of charge and we are committed to work on your behalf to place your child with the family of your choice. 
We are not the state. Your child will not go through the state of Ohio or enter into a foster program if you create an adoption plan.