What to Expect When You’re Unexpectedly Expecting

Just as no two women are exactly alike, no two pregnancies will ever be exactly alike, and neither will be the road that lead them to pregnancy. 

Many women or couples are intentional about getting pregnant. They research the best ways to achieve pregnancy, how they will know they are pregnant, and what it will be like once they are pregnant. 

On the other hand, many women or couples seek to avoid pregnancy, they research the best contraceptives and watch for signs that they aren’t pregnant. 

And furthermore, many women or couples find themselves somewhere in between.

If you were one of the women who found themselves seeking to avoid pregnancy, you may find yourself a bit surprised should you find yourself to be unexpectedly pregnant. Those feelings are normal and you will probably continue to feel surprised, excited, scared, confused and many other emotions as you process the news. 

For women who are unexpectedly expecting, it can feel that they need to play a bit of catch up in preparing their mind and body for what is ahead of them. For this reason, we have created a list of what you can expect in your first trimester of pregnancy to help you feel more prepared for the journey ahead. 

Body Changes

There will be a number of body changes you can expect when you first become pregnant. It may be these body changes that gave you a hint you were pregnant in the first place. 

A missed period and swollen breasts tend to be the first two physical changes a woman will notice when pregnant. This can be followed by fatigue, nausea, food aversions, and increased urination. 

All these symptoms vary in severity from woman to woman. You may experience all these changes or none of them at all. Every pregnancy is unique. 

Emotional Changes

You are probably already feeling these emotional changes as well. From the moment you find out you are pregnant, you will have a wide array of emotions to sort through. Know that this is totally normal. Give yourself grace and allow yourself to feel all the joys and worries that can come with being pregnant. 

If your emotions feel unmanageable, however, it is important to tell a loved one or consult your healthcare provider. 

Self Care Changes

When you find out you are pregnant you will most likely want to make some changes to your self care or personal habits. Take the time to assess habits that could be harmful to the baby, such as smoking, drinking, or any drug use. 

Find a health care provider you feel comfortable with for your prenatal care and start taking a prenatal vitamin.

If you find yourself in a situation where you aren’t sure how you feel about your unexpected pregnancy, talk through those feelings with your doctor. They can refer you to many resources from a couselor to an adoption agency for alternatives to abortion around Cincinnati, Ohio.

It is important that you know all the options you have when you are unexpectedly expecting.

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