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Adopting a Child in Ohio

A Loving Way to Grow Your Family

You have a lot of love to give. If you’re trying to grow your family by adopting a child in Ohio, call or text Choosing Hope Adoptions. We’ll give you the information and support you need.

Whether It’s a Longing or Your Calling, We’re Here to Help You Adopt

There are as many reasons to adopt a child as there are families. Whether you’ve tried to get pregnant without success or you feel called by God’s love to welcome a deserving child into your family, we are excited to help your dreams come true.

Working with Choosing Hope Adoptions: Getting Started

The first part of the process of adopting a child in Ohio is gathering the documentation you need and completing your application. This first step helps us and the state determine whether you meet the requirements for adopting a child. Although you do not have to be wealthy to adopt, it is important that your family is financially stable enough to provide a secure home.

Next: Home Evaluation, Education, and Licensing

Licensing? For families? Yes, when adopting a child, Ohio requires that prospective adoptive parents complete a home study evaluation and courses on adoption and parenting. Upon successful completion, families are eligible to be licensed to adopt an infant or child.

The course provides valuable information and support to adoptive families and prepares you for the rest of the adoption process, including bringing your adopted baby home and integrating your new child into your family.

One More Step: Creating Your Family Profile

With so many hopeful adoptive families, it’s not possible for a birth mother to meet each one in person. You will introduce your family to birth mothers through your family profile. Your profile shows expecting moms what your family life is like so they can form an image of the home their baby will grow up in. From your values to your hopes and dreams for your adopted child, your profile helps the birth mom choose a family who shares her values.

And Now, Waiting and Anticipating

This is the most challenging part of the adoption process. It often feels like swinging between eager anticipation and crushing disappointment. We don’t have a crystal ball to tell you exactly how long this part of adopting a child in Ohio will take, but usually, it’s 1-2 years. No matter how long it takes, we’ll be beside you all the way. Whether it’s answering questions or lifting your spirits, we’re here when you need us.

At Last! Welcoming Your Child Home

A mother has chosen your family and has given birth! You’re ready to bring your baby home, but when adopting a child, Ohio requires that the birth mother wait 72 hours after giving birth before signing the adoption papers.

After that, you’ll get to take your child home and begin your new life as a family!

We Want to Help Your Dream of a Family Come True

Are you dreaming about decorating a nursery and rocking your baby to sleep? Let Choosing Hope Adoptions guide you through the process of adopting a child in Ohio. We’ve got a staff who not only knows the process, but we’re also adoptive parents, birth mothers, and even adoptees ourselves.