My husband and I adopted Zander and Lucy after having two biological children. Both adoption experiences were unique with each agency. I realized in the process there was an opportunity to create an agency focused on care-for-life for the full adoption triad.

"My hope for you is that wherever you are in the adoption journey, we at Choosing Hope can come alongside your situation."

What is adoption triad?

The adoption triad shows the equal relationship between birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adoptee in an adoption. The connection between the triad will always be there and a part of the adoptee.

Adoption is more than a moment in time, but rather, a relationship for life. Choosing Hope was established in 2014 with an ethical and personal focus. Creating a relational dynamic throughout the entire adoption process for both the expectant and hopeful adoptive parent brings a new level of ethics to the adoption profession.

Ohio Ethical Adoption

About Us

Our staff brings over 30 years of adoption experience including foster parent, adoptive parent, birth mother and an adoptee. This individual experience creates a united understanding of every perspective in the adoption journey which shapes our Choosing Hope Adoptions family.