How to Give Baby for Adoption in Ohio

Make a Loving Choice for Your Child

Making the decision to give a baby for adoption is a difficult but life-affirming choice. If you’re considering this option for your child, Choosing Hope Adoptions in Ohio is here for you.

Every Woman Has Her Reason for Adoption

There are many reasons why a mother or a family might consider placing a child for adoption. A woman may be facing an unintended pregnancy. Or she may be in a domestic situation in which she fears for her child’s safety as well as her own or feels she can’t properly care for a child but doesn’t want it to enter the foster system.

Whatever your reason, Choosing Hope’s loving, supportive team will help you navigate this important decision. We’ll be beside you through every step of the adoption process and provide support even after your baby is placed with its adoptive family.

Starting the Adoption Process

Whether you’re sure—or almost sure—you want to place your baby for adoption, you’ll want to contact and work with a licensed, ethical adoption agency.

An ethical agency works in the interests of you, your child, and the adoptive family. As the birth mother, your rights are recognized, and your wishes are respected. An ethical agency ensures that you understand all of your choices so you can make the best one for you and your child.

After you’ve made the decision to place your child in a home, we’ll help you create an adoption plan, starting with finding a loving family for your baby. All of our adoptive parents are thoroughly screened, so you know your child will grow up in a secure, loving environment.

Once you’ve chosen a family, we strongly encourage you to develop a relationship with them. We facilitate open adoptions, meaning the identities of the birth family and adoptive family are known to all parties. Whether you want to remain in contact with the family after your child is placed is entirely your decision. However, we believe that building a bond with the family best serves everyone involved.

When you work with an agency such as Choosing Hope, you’ll get the best care possible throughout your pregnancy. We can help you with medical and living expenses by providing a stipend of up to $3,000. You’ll also have 24/7 access to our team by phone or text, as well as counseling and legal assistance.

Finalizing Your Birth Plan and the Adoption

As you get close to your due date, you’ll add the finishing touches to your birth and adoption plan. These decisions include who will be with you in the delivery room and whether you wish to spend time with the baby before it goes home with its adoptive family. Keep in mind that in Ohio, you’re required to wait 72 hours after giving birth before you sign the adoption papers.

Post-Adoption Support

After your baby goes home with its adoptive family, it’s important that you have a safe, loving space to talk through your experience. That’s why we offer Lifetime Healing Certified Monthly Birthmom support groups and professional counseling.

So, if you’re exploring how to give your baby for adoption in Ohio, give the caring team at Choosing Hope Adoptions a call or send a text. We’re here to answer all your questions and give you the support you deserve.