Adoption Agencies in Dayton Ohio

Support for Expecting and Hopeful Parents

Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy? Are you hoping to adopt a baby or child? Among the adoption agencies in Dayton, Ohio, Choosing Hope Adoptions offers support for birth and adoptive families.

I’m Pregnant and Can’t Parent a Child. What Should I Do?

The first thing we recommend is taking a pause and realizing that you’re not alone.

If you’re facing a pregnancy that you didn’t plan, you have options.

  • You can carry the pregnancy and parent the child yourself.
  • You can terminate the pregnancy.
  • You can work with an ethical adoption agency to create an adoption plan that offers you and your child a chance to thrive while giving a hopeful family the child they’ve dreamed of.

If you’re in Dayton, Ohio, or anywhere else in the state, you can contact one of our team members at any time, day or night. We’re happy to talk you through all of your options, so you can make the decision that’s right for you.

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We’ve Tried for Years to Have a Child. Can You Help Us?

When you contact Choosing Hope, you’ll talk to someone who understands what many families go through to have a child. We know the financial, physical, and emotional demands prospective parents face, from medical treatments to adoption and state foster agencies.

To us, adoption offers a solution that benefits children, adoptive families, and birth parents. And the benefits reach far beyond the Adoption Triad. The opportunity that adoption lends to children, birth parents, and families help to build a caring, thriving community.

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Why Choosing Hope Adoptions?

For women dealing with an unintended pregnancy or birth parents who don’t feel that they can successfully parent their child, Choosing Hope Adoptions in Dayton, Ohio, offers empathy and support without judgment.

For families longing to adopt an infant or child, you’ll have a team working with you who knows how to navigate the lengthy and often frustrating process of adoption.

Helping You Welcome a New Child into Your Family

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for an opportunity to welcome a child into your family, you have likely explored many options, including adoption. We know what a challenging and mysterious process adopting a child can be—many of us have experienced it ourselves. If your family is exploring adoption in Ohio, it’s important to work with an agency that values transparency, communication, and support for your family, the child, and the birth mother.

Choosing Hope Adoptions will be with your family through every step of the adoption process. The initial screening covers both state and our own standards for ensuring children are placed in a safe, loving home. We’ll also be at your side through the application process until your adoption is finalized. And we also have tools and resources available to help you and your adopted child adjust to your new life together.

No-Cost Pregnancy and Adoption Support

Finding out you’re pregnant can be a very stressful experience. This is especially true if you aren’t financially prepared to raise a child or even go through a pregnancy.

When you work with Choosing Hope to find a carefully screened adoptive family and create an adoption plan for your child, we’ll cover all of your labor and delivery expenses.

We will also provide you with up to $3,000 in expenses. This is the maximum amount allowed by the state of Ohio. You can use this money for housing and utilities during your pregnancy. You can also use a portion of the funds to help with prenatal medical visits as well as groceries and nutrition.

There are also legal issues involved with adoption. Before the adoptive family can obtain full legal custody, the birth father should be informed of his rights. If you’re not comfortable contacting him, we’ll provide the legal support necessary to inform him of your decision to place the child for adoption and obtain termination of his parental rights.

Post-Adoption Support for Birth Moms

Your life and emotional well-being matter. We’ll provide professional counseling during your pregnancy, in addition to 24/7 support from our staff. And we won’t abandon you after your child goes home with its adoptive family. We’re proud and blessed to be able to provide Lifetime Healing Certified monthly birth mom support groups.

We’re dedicated to ensuring you have all of the resources and support you need to achieve all of your dreams and ambitions.

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A Team That’s with Adoptive Families Every Step of the Way

We’ve heard so many heartbreaking stories of families who have given up their dream of having a child. We understand that your family may be wary of navigating another adoption process that dead-ends. Or maybe you’ve poured all of your savings into welcoming home a baby and wonder if it’s time to cut your losses and move on.

Before you give up, talk to us. We have over 30 years of experience with adoption. And many of us have been through the same frustration and heartache to realize the dream of loving and raising a child. We’ve helped families in Dayton, Ohio, and beyond complete their families through adoption.

If you haven’t worked with an open adoption agency before, here’s a brief explanation of what you can expect.

  • We’ll get to know you and help you collect the documentation you need to begin the adoption process.
  • After the documents required by state and federal law are submitted, we’ll arrange for a state-required home study. While it helps the social worker determine your family’s fitness to adopt, it also provides a unique opportunity to learn more about adoption.
  • Once your family meets our agency and state standards, we’ll help you set up your Family Profile Book. Your profile is your introduction to birth parents and should be authentic and reflect your home life and family’s values.
  • When a birth parent chooses your family to adopt her child, we’ll work with you and the expecting mother to create an adoption plan.

You should be aware that placement can take up to 2 years, and our staff will work with you every step of the way. And since we’re a Christian, non-profit agency, we’ll keep your costs as low as possible.

Open Adoption Benefits Everyone

Adoption used to involve a birth mother “giving up” her child to an agency that then adopted the child out to a family. This “closed” adoption often proved to be unnecessarily traumatic for the birth mother and the child. Often, the child grew up feeling like a part of its life was missing and wanting to understand why they were “given away.”

In an open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family form a relationship and work side-by-side to create an adoption plan. The child will know its birth family’s history and will understand why its birth mother chose a secure, loving home for her baby.

Open adoptions allow the birth family—sometimes including the father and grandparents—to choose how much contact to have with the adoptive family after the child is placed. The birth mom may choose to be directly involved with the adoptive family, receive only occasional correspondence, or have no regular contact after her child is placed.

Take the Next Step in Your Journey

Whether you want a child or you’re pregnant and need help deciding what to do, make sure that the adoption agencies you deal with in Dayton, Ohio works in the best interest of every party in the adoption triad.

Choosing Hope Adoptions is committed to helping babies and children grow up safe and loved by bringing together expecting mothers and hopeful families. Give us a call, and let us help you on the next step in your parental journey.