Private Adoption Agencies in Cincinnati Ohio

Unraveling the Adoption Agency Web

Whether you’re a hopeful family yearning to welcome a child or you’re pregnant and weighing your options, researching private adoption agencies in Cincinnati can be exhausting and confusing.

What Types of Adoption Agencies are There?

There are actually several types of adoption agencies that operate not just in Ohio but throughout the United States and internationally. Among them are:

  • International adoption agencies
  • Private adoption agencies
  • Foster care adoption agencies

For the purpose of this discussion, we’ll focus on private adoption agencies.

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What is a Private Adoption Agency?

A private adoption agency provides assistance to pregnant mothers and prospective adoptive families. They handle domestic adoptions (children are born in the United States or are U.S. citizens), and most adoptees are placed with families shortly after birth.

There are some private agencies that handle adoption for older children, so if you’re hoping to welcome a school-age child into your family, seek out an agency that offers these services.

What are the Benefits of Using a Private Adoption Agency?

There are many benefits to working with a private adoption agency, whether you’re a pregnant mother or a hopeful adoptive family.

  • Round the clock support from agency staff throughout the adoption process and even after the child goes home with the adoptive family
  • Birth mother chooses the family she wants to adopt her child
  • Agencies have a strict screening process for prospective adoptive families
  • Private agencies offer more financial assistance to birth mothers, as well as providing counseling and legal services to mothers and adoptive families

What Else Should I Look for When Choosing an Agency?

The most important thing to look for in any agency is transparency. Are they up-front regarding fees? Does the agency staff go over ALL of a pregnant woman’s options, including abortion and parenting the child? Is the agency offering realistic time frames for your family to be matched with a birth mother, or does it feel like you have to keep shifting your expectations? Can you reach an agency staff member at any time, day or night?

There are dozens of private adoption agencies in Ohio, and many of them serve Cincinnati and the surrounding area. Whether you’re pregnant or you want to adopt a child, look for an agency that engages in ethical adoption practices.

Explaining Ethical Adoption

Not every private agency is an ethical adoption agency. We’re not saying that makes them bad people, but it does mean you might not get the level of support and protection that you would get from an ethical adoption agency.

An ethical agency offers complete transparency regarding the adoption process, including screening and the costs.

These agencies give the birth mother complete control over her future and her baby’s future. They do this by fully and non-judgmentally explaining all of the choices available to her, including choosing the family that will adopt her child.

Ethical agencies never pressure birth mothers or adoptive families under any circumstances. And they have trained staff available to support birth and adoptive parents 24/7.

An ethical adoption is open, meaning the birth mother (and possibly her family) and the adoptive parents are known to each other. Ethical agencies work to create a lasting bond between the families because such relationships are healthier for everyone involved, especially the adopted child.

A private agency that practices ethical adoptions has a more rigorous screening process than is required by the State of Ohio.

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Expecting a Baby? Hoping to Adopt? Call an Ethical Private Agency

No matter which side you’re on, adoption can be a long, confusing, and stressful process. An ethical private adoption agency like Choosing Hope Adoptions will be by your side throughout the entire process. We provide support to expectant moms and hopeful families all over the state, including Cincinnati, Ohio. We’ve got an expert waiting to talk to you 24/7/365, so if you’ve got a question, give us a call.