A Birthmom’s Question–Can I Name My Baby?

When expecting mothers come to us and are considering making an adoption plan, we get a multitude of questions. One of the most common questions asked is whether she’ll be allowed to choose a name for her baby should she decides to place the baby.

Recently, we asked birthmom, Ashley Mitchell, of Lifetime Healing LLC to chime in on this commonly asked question.

Ashley’s help and experience is so valuable. Here are some of her thoughts: “The topic of naming your child in adoption is an important consideration. What this looks like is, as the mother, you have the right to name your child anything that you want.

“So many women who make an adoption plan also have a name in mind that they want for their child. It is 100% ok for you to name your child and have that name on your original birth certificate.

“After the finalization of the adoption, the adoptive parents will receive a new birth certificate and they have the right to change the child’s name on that certificate. Sometimes there is conversation about sharing a name and naming together, and sometimes it’s 100% up to the adoptive parents what the name of that child will be moving forward.

“But for you, biological mom, when you are the mother before you relinquish rights, don’t hesitate to name your child. Tell your child’s story. Request an original birth certificate with your child’s name on it with you listed as the biological mother to keep and cherish.”

At Choosing Hope Adoptions, so often the naming process is one that is done together with the biological family and adoptive family. Our hope is that all parties feel honored and heard in the process. We always make sure we have an original birth certificate on file for the biological family.

If you are facing an untimely pregnancy please reach out to our adoption agency around Cincinnati, Ohio by telephone or text at 937-471-2954.You are not alone in whatever crisis you may find yourself in.

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