Birthmom Post Placement Care

When a birthmom places her child with an adoptive family, it can feel like the end of the long 9 month process her body went through to bring a child into this world. It can also feel like the end of the adoption process..

Placing a child into adoption, however, is not the end of a birth moms journey. After her child is placed she will start a new journey of healing, processing, connecting, and rediscovering herself. 

This time should not be ignored or taken lightly. It is very important to us at Choosing Hope adoption agency that we support birth moms during this time with the best and most helpful post placement care.

What is post placement care?

Post placement care is the care that is given to a birthmom after placing her child with an adoptive family. This can range from help finding resources within her communities, connecting her to proper postpartum medical care, and offering support.

Choosing Hope is proud to offer a free monthly post placement support group for birth moms who have placed a child in adoption. This group is open to both birth moms who used our agency for placement or those who did not. It does not matter how many years you are out of placement, it is never too late to join our post placement support group and find the healing and community you need. 

Why is post placement care important

We believe it is so important to bring birth mothers back month after month for our post placement support groups. We have created these groups as a way to show our birth moms that their care and health is important to us long after placement. We value them and want to aid in the healing process however we can. Post placement care is simply the next step in the adoption process for birth moms. 

We have found that many women have been able to work through the many emotions they are processing post placement when they get a chance to sit down with other women who know and can relate to what they have gone through. This leads to healing and has equipped women to move forward in the most healthy way possible. 

Isolation can feed grief and any other emotions being felt. Our post placement birth moms support group was created to bring community amongst our birth moms and ultimately help them find healing, empowerment, and validation!
We encourage any birth moms who worked with an adoption agency around Cincinnati, Ohio to take the time to come to our support group. It will be one of the best nexts steps you can take in caring for yourself and your future!

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