What Are The Different Types Of Adoption?

Most people have a general idea of what adoption may look like. We see adoption portrayed in movies, TV shows, and through family or friends. These portrayals of adoption, however, rarely give you the whole picture of what adoption is really like. 

It is very hard to communicate or represent the multiple different situations, feelings, or experiences that may contribute to someone’s decision to create an adoption plan. One movie, TV show or story could never encompass all that goes into such an important process. 

Additionally, we rarely see the multiple different types of adoption portrayed in movies or the media. Many people are actually unaware that there are different types of adoption plans for them to choose from for their family. 

Read on to get a glimpse of the three different types of adoption.

Open Adoption

The three types of adoption tend to come down to how much contact you will want to have with your child and the adoptive family after the adoption is final. An open adoption is an option that allows you to have the most contact with your child and their adoptive family.

Many times in an open adoption we see letters and pictures exchanged, texts, phone calls, or closed Facebook groups, all utilized to communicate. Open adoption also allows for the option of periodic visits between birth parents and their child and adopted parents. 

Our adoption agency helps expectant mothers and adoptive parents work out all the details of communication and visits before an open adoption is finalized. 

Semi-open Adoption

A semi-open adoption does not have the option of in person visits but usually consists of communication through letters and pictures sent through the adoption agency. 

This type of adoption does not have as much personal back and forth communication but allows birth parents to continue to know how their child is doing. Again, this is all facilitated through our adoption agency.

Closed Adoption

A closed adoption will have no communication between birth parents and adoptive parents, sometimes names are not even exchanged. While we like to encourage as much openness as possible, there are many situations where a closed adoption may be the best option for you. 
Our adoption agency around Dayton, Ohio has experience in facilitating all three types of adoption for the families we work with. We are happy to help you create an adoption plan that you feel comfortable with not just today but moving forward in the future!

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