What Does Ethical Adoption Mean?

There are around 3000 adoption agencies across the US. While all of them serve the same general function of finding homes for children, they go about doing so in different ways. At Choosing Hope Adoptions, we strive to provide ethical adoption services. 

This means going above and beyond the basic duties required of an adoption agency and creating a system of support for both the adopting family and the biological family. What does ethical adoption look like? 

Let’s take a look. 

Affordable Services for Adopting Families 

Adopting a child is not a simple process. It can be frustrating and even heartbreaking at times. Part of being an ethical adoption agency means really getting to know and understand the families who are hoping to adopt a child.  

These prospective adoptive parents have hopes and dreams. They have worries, fears, and uncertainties. We walk beside our waiting families through the entire process, reassuring them and answering their questions.  

Adoption can come with a high price tag, often unfairly so. We work hard to keep our services as affordable as possible. We are not in this business to make large amounts of money. We’re in in to serve the full adoption triad well, for life.  

Helping Birthmoms Before and After  

Pregnant women considering adoption are often going through the process alone and/or unprepared. We’re here not just to care for the child but for the mother as well. Being an ethical adoption agency means taking care of the needs of the expecting mom. We work to exhaust parenting options from every angle before stepping into making an adoption plan. We educate and empower them so they feel confident in their decision and their future. 

Having a child can be expensive, and many pregnant women find themselves overwhelmed by the potential cost. On top of that, as the pregnancy advances, it can become increasingly difficult to work. 

In the state of Ohio, a biological mom can get help with up to $3000 in living expenses. This can be distributed for costs incurred up to 60 days past the birth of a child. These funds can be put towards rent or mortgage payments, utility costs, food, and more. The purpose is to ensure both the health and safety of the mom. 

After their child has been placed into the adoptive family the birthmom chose, we continue to serve her and come along side in her extensive post placement care. Our birth parents are offered lifelong professional counseling, birth parent support groups, legal counsel, and an on going relationship with our team at Choosing Hope Adoptions as well as with the adoptive family they placed their child with.  

What’s Right for the Child 

We believe that every child deserves a family that can give them the care and attention they need to have a bright future. Whether you’re an expecting mother or a family looking to adopt a child, we would love to partner with you. 

With Choosing Hope Adoptions, you can expect transparency, consistent communication, expert knowledge, and genuine care for you and your family. For an ethical adoption agency in Cincinnati and the rest of Ohio, contact Choosing Hope Adoptions today! 

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