Adoption During COVID-19 – Choosing Hope is Still Here

In an effort to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the state of Ohio has been placed under a stay at home advisory. Schools are closed, events are cancelled, restaurants have shut their doors, and many offices are operating remotely. 

It is the responsibility of all of us to help “flatten the curve” of this virus, making sure there’s space at hospitals and medical supplies are available for those who need them.  

For the staff at Choosing Hope Adoptions, we are still up and running, but we are working from our homes as much as possible. Thankfully, with modern technology, we’re still able to respond to messages and have virtual meetings with both birthmoms and waiting families.  

We understand that there are certain discussions that need to take place in person, however. In those cases, we take full precautions to ensure absolute cleanliness. We also strictly enforce social distancing, keeping the recommended 6 feet apart. While it’s not ideal, we believe it is the best course of action. 

One of the most unfortunate circumstances right now is in regards to hospital visitations. Typically, we have two staff members present during the hopsital stay. One tends to the needs of the biological mom, while the other sits with the adoptive family. 

This just isn’t possible right now.  

We make sure to always honor the policies of the hospital where the birth is taking place. That includes speaking with hospital staff so that we don’t overstep their boundaries and get in the way. Right now, it means that we likely cannot be physically present for the birth. 

However, this should not discourage expecting moms or couples looking to adopt. The need for adoption is a great as ever. Women with unplanned pregnancies need to be helped and served. Families looking to adopt need guidance and assistance.  

We have no intention of slowing our efforts to serve in these areas. We’re as committed as ever to provide an alternative to abortion in Cincinnati and the rest of Ohio by building relationships and finding homes for children. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 937-471-2954.  

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