Answering Adoption Questions

As an adoption agency, one of our main goals is to help support, educate, and resource expectant mothers and their families through the process of considering adoption. We realize that until an adoption is final, an expectant mother is only considering adoption and has time to make a final decision she feels good about. 

With the process of considering adoption comes many questions. We are here to answer any questions an expectant mother may have and always encourage those we work with to ask many questions. 

We promise, no question could ever be too silly, embarrassing, or unimportant to ask. Getting all your questions answered will be a key part in deciding whether you would like to parent your child or create an adoption plan. 

There are many questions we hear frequently and many questions we don’t get as often as they may be unique to your specific situation. Each question,however, is just as important.

Below we are addressing two important questions that we have heard and want to answer for any expectant mom who may have the same question.

Will anyone adopt my child if I used drugs during pregnancy?

Any expectant mom who has found herself in this situation may be asking herself this same question. It is easy for doubt to creep in and make you think if you used illegal drugs during your pregnancy that no one would want to adopt your baby.

We are here to encourage you that if you have used drugs during your pregnancy making an adoption plan is still an option for you. There are plenty of adoptive parents who are willing to adopt, love, and care for your child regardless of anything they may have been exposed to in utero.

If the use of drugs or alcohol is preventing you from making an adoption plan, contact our adoption agency near Cincinnati, Ohio and we would love to walk you through your consideration of adoption. 

Will anyone adopt my child if they have special needs?

It can be hard or scary to find out the child you are expecting may have special needs. If this is something you have experienced, you may be wondering how it will affect the possibility of you creating an adoption plan for your child.

Know that there are many families waiting to adopt that have already said yes to adopting and caring for a child with special needs. Having a child with special needs will in no way prevent you from being able to choose adoption for your child.

Families who adopt children with special needs may even be provided extra resources through adoption subsidy which will allow them to better care for their child.

We know if you are considering adoption more questions are most likely building up in your head as you read this. Please reach out to our agency and we would love to answer each question you may have as you consider adoption. 

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