Can You Change Your Mind?

If you are one of many women who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy you are most likely beginning the process of navigating many emotions and many options.

Know that the spectrum of emotions you are feeling are all normal. Maybe you didn’t know that you could feel so happy and so scared all at the same time. Maybe your confused or overwhelmed. 

Every pregnant woman must take time to process and feel all the emotions that come with the news of a pregnancy. Then, your next step will be to make a choice. Every woman who finds herself pregnant has three choices. To some this choice may be a no brainer and to others it may take a bit more thought, time, or research to come to a decision.

Your choices will be to parent your child, create an adoption plan, or terminate the pregnancy.

Again, this choice may be obvious to you, but it is essential that women are confident in whatever choice they make, even if that means they have to change their mind.

With each of these options there is always a window where you would have the opportunity to change your mind. Here is how it would work.

Changing your mind about parenting

It will never be too late if you change your mind about parenting. Many find this comforting in knowing if they attempt to parent their child and don’t feel they are able to, creating an adoption plan will always be an option. 

Whether your still pregnant or have already given birth, if you feel adoption is the best option for you and your child, Choosing Hope adoption agency is available to walk you through that process for a child at any age.

We also are happy to connect you to resources or support that may help make parenting your child easier or more manageable if you choose to stick with your original plan of parenting. 

Changing your mind about an adoption plan

Many expectant moms who are looking into creating an adoption plan wonder if they will be able to change their mind. The answer is yes, until you sign the paperwork releasing your parental rights, which you won’t do until after the baby is born and you are ready, you have every right to change your mind should you decide you would like to parent your child.

Changing your mind about abortion 

Abortion is a very perminant decision, for that reason, once the procedure is complete you will not be able to change your mind. We like to remind woman, however, that you have the opportunity to change your mind and choose not to terminate a pregnancy up until the very moment the procedure happens. Don’t feel embarrassed or silly if at any point before the procedure you start to second guess the decision and want to change your mind.

Like we said, we want to help and equip expectant mothers to make decisions they are confident in. To go over your pregnancy and parenting options and for alternatives to abortion around Springfield, Ohio, reach out to us at Choosing Hope Adoption Agency.

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