Financial Questions You Should Be Asking About Adoption

As a prospective adoptive parent, choosing an adoption agency is often an overwhelming decision. Adoption can feel complicated as it is a big decision for all parties involved. It’s important that you are comfortable with and have confidence in the agency you choose.

When selecting an agency, we suggest treating each meeting like an interview until you find the best fit for your family.

Some of the most frequently asked questions pertain to money and finances and how they correlate with adoption. We have assembled some of the best questions you can ask an agency in regards to this topic.

What is your application process and cost?

Adoption is expensive. The average cost of domestic infant adoption is around $40,000. Our costs, however, are about 1/3 that price.

The Application Fees often tell a bigger picture regarding an agency as a whole. Application fees less than $500 should be considered completely acceptable. Anything over $500 should cause you to ask a few more questions.

Do not commit several thousand dollars to one agency without having a solid match of a baby due shortly or a baby in hand. There is NEVER a guarantee of bringing home a baby in the adoption world…even if you have written a hefty check.  

How do you disperse birthmom expenses?

Birthmom expenses are always a bit tricky or can even be coercive when handled in an unethical manner.  But we recognize that they offer an opportunity to build a relationship with parents and help alleviate financial crisis.  

In Ohio there is a $3000 cap on the amount of expenses an agency can help a birthmom with.  

These expenses should be paid directly to the billing entity whenever possible.

Every effort should be made not to write a check directly to expectant parent to ensure these parents do not feel like they are being bought. If an agency routinely hands expectant and birth parents a check for cash look elsewhere.     

Are you familiar with the Adoption Subsidy Process?  

Adoption Subsidy comes into play when adopting a child with special needs. It’s really important that this answer is either a “yes,” or “we are willing to work hard to learn the process.”

We see a lot of children placed who have special needs. It is really important that any agency you work with is knowledgeable of the adoption subsidy application process. If they are unwilling to learn or don’t think it is worth the time to apply, then find a different agency.

You need your agency to be an advocate for you in this arena. Often times the adoption subsidy application process takes many, many hours of work. You should anticipate paying for these services. Choosing Hope offers 10 hours of subsidy work in the placement fee. After 10 hours the adoptive family is billed an hourly rate.  

What is your fee Schedule and how much of my money is at risk?  

Fee’s in the adoption world vary and there is a wide range of costs from one agency to the next. An agency should be very forthcoming with their fee schedule.

Private Domestic Infant Adoption is expensive. It is a major legal undertaking that requires a ton of work and resources. Ask questions about cost. Find out how much of your money is at risk. Ask is there is an upfront fee to being part of an agency’s “matching program.”

Of course, you may have many more questions to ask an agency regarding your finances, but these questions will help get you on the right path to finding an adoption agency near Springfield, Ohio that will be a great fit for your needs!

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