Financial Support For Birthmoms

If you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant, financial expenses can feel like a heavy burden. When an expectant mom is creating an adoption plan for her child and is in need of financial support, we always want to help. 

Birthmom expenses can be a resource you may receive to help cover your cost of living and ensure you are able to be safe and healthy throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Birthmom expenses can be a somewhat controversial topic, however, we have found that when these funds are handled and distributed ethically, they are a blessing not just to you as an expectant mother but the adoptive parents, as well. 

In Ohio, up to $3,000 can be paid for a mom making an adoption plan for her baby and can be distributed for costs incurred up to 60 days past the birth of a child. 

These funds can be used for necessities that will ensure the health and safety of an expectant mom such as utilities, groceries, medical expenses, rent or mortgage. 

If you are unexpectedly pregnant, we know you are having to make difficult decisions for the wellbeing of your family. When a mom we are serving has a need, we see it as an opportunity to serve and bless her! 

When a need arises, we will first work with social service agencies to cover the need. When that isn’t possible, we will cover the need for you. Instead of distributing funds directly to you as an expectant mom we will directly pay a bill, rent, or help you buy groceries. 

We do this because we never want you to feel that your baby is being purchased. Adoption is never a transaction, but the start of a beautiful partnership, however it may look. It is important that any mom making an adoption plan feels loved, honored, and respected. 

The controversy towards birthmom expenses are often overcome when expectant moms and adoptive parents see how they can be a tool to open communication and build lifelong relationships.
If you are considering adoption in Dayton, Ohio, or throughout the state of Ohio, Choosing Hope can walk you through the process every step of the way. We always have the best interest of both the biological family and adoptive parents at heart.

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