Helpful Questions to Ask Adoptive Parents

As an expecting parent, you want to be sure you select the very best adoptive parents for your child. At Choosing Hope Adoption Agency we have the very same goal in mind. We strive to help all birth mother’s feel confident in each decision they make when creating an adoption plan.

We have found it can often feel overwhelming for expecting parents to know where to begin when given the opportunity to meet and interview with potential adoptive parents. For this reason, we have assembled a list of helpful questions to get you started.

Do you have other children?

This question will give you an idea of their level of experience in parenting. It will also help you get an idea of what their life is like now and how it may change should they adopt. If your wanting your child to grow up with siblings this question will also help you see if that is something that will happen should you choose them as adoptive parents.

Where do you live?

You will want to ask follow up questions to get the full picture of where they live. Do they live in a home, townhome, or apartment? Are they living in the city, suburbs or country? Knowing where your child will live can give you a small picture as to what their life may look like.

What does a typical day look like for you?

This question will help you find out what they do for a living and what their hobbies are. Do they prefer to be indoors or outdoors? Do they cook at home every night of eat out? Do they work full time from home or in an office?

What kind of support do you have in adopting?

This question could help you get an idea of what their family and friends are like and the level of involvement they play in their lives. You also may be able to find out if they know anyone else who has adopted or is considering adoption.

Why will you be a good parent?

You will want to get an idea of what they will be like as parents. You will want to find out what their strengths are, what they value, and how they will raise a child. 

What will my child’s typical day look like?

This question will give you an idea of how they picture raising a child. Will they both work? What kind of childcare options do they have? Will they homeschool, attend private school, or public school? Will they attend summer camps or after school programs? 

Why do you want to adopt?

Knowing why a couple wants to adopt can be very impactful and help you get to know adoptive parents on a deeper level. All of our potential adoptive parents have their own stories and journeys that have gotten them to where they are today.

We encourage our biological parents to get to know adoptive parents as much or as little as they need to feel comfortable making a decision they are confident in. We are here to resource expecting parents in making this decision and walking them through every step of the process at our adoption agency near Springfield, Ohio.

Whether you use our services or seek guidance elsewhere, we hope these questions get you on your way to feeling confident in making the best decision for your expected child. 

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