How Does Open Adoption Work?

For many expectant parents, the idea of an open adoption is unfamiliar. It is something you don’t often times see portrayed in movies or TV shows when adoption plans are made. Adoption is usually highlighted as a permanent and final separation between birth parents and their child.

Open adoption, however, is an option expectant parents can choose, that will allow them to follow along in their child’s life through communication with adoptive parents and even periodic visits. 

Again, this option is unfamiliar to many of the expectant parents we work with at Choosing Hope Adoption Agency so we have provided here a little insight on what an open adoption could look like for you and your child and how to navigate setting it up.

Level of Contact

The level of contact in any open adoption plan will vary based on the needs and agreement between birth parents and adoptive parents. Contact can range from letters and emails, to videos and pictures, to scheduling in person visits. 


Open adoption will require a level of flexibility that a closed adoption doesn’t necessarily need. As you navigate a relationship with the adoptive parents of your child, your emotional healing, and your season of life, your needs, availability, or desire for a relationship may change. 

Going into an open adoption will require an open mind to be aware of where you are at emotionally and both parties need to have an open mind to work together to meet each other where they are at.

Open communication

A positive open adoption experience is really going to come down to open communication between adoptive and birth parents. Trust needs to be built that both parties have the best interest of the child in mind. 

Our adoption agency is here to help both sets of parents navigate and communicate together to come up with a plan that works for everyone and is in the best interest of their child. We  have years of experience coaching families through tough or awkward discussions with positive results for everyone. 
For more on adoption around Springfield, Ohio contact Choosing Hope Adoption Agency for the guidance, support, and help you have been looking for.

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