How Will I Have a Voice In My Adopted Child’s Future?

If you have found yourself with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy you may be looking into what options you have to move forward. The decision to bring a child into this world is a big one but one that can be celebrated, no matter the circumstance. 

The decision you make following that, will be just as important. When you bring a child into the world you essentially have two options. Your first option will be to raise and parent the child yourself. Should this be the choice you make, Choosing Hope Adoption Agency has many resources available to help you successfully parent your child, and walk you through that decision. 

Your second option will be to make an adoption plan for your child. Since we are an Adoption Agency around Columbus Ohio, we also have an endless amount of resources to provide you in making this decision as well. 

Either choice may be tough for you to make, but both can result in a positive experience and future for both you and your child. 

Many expectant mothers who want to create an adoption plan for their child wonder how they will give their child to another family after carrying that child for nine months. Even when you know an adoption plan is the best choice for you and your child, that doesn’t mean it will be an easy choice.

We have created our adoption process to walk alongside expectant mothers and make an experience that can be hard, emotional, and trying, as comforting as we possibly can. 

We have found that many expectant mothers are able to find comfort in our process of choosing adoptive parents for their child. Getting to be apart of that process and feeling empowered to have a voice and make that choice helps all the mothers we work with make confident decisions. 

How will you choose the adoptive parents for your child?

When working with Choosing Hope adoption Agency you will get a chance to look through our extensive database of parents wishing to adopt. Any parent we show you will have been vetted and background checked through our intense screening process.

In addition to our screening process, we also gather as much personal information as we can. We want to give you a full picture of what a couple or family might be like and give you an opportunity to truly be able to picture what your child’s life might be like with any given family.

As the birth mother you have the opportunity to seek families that meet any criteria you may want. If you want your child to be raised a certain religion or go to a family with or without kids, you can request that.

You will be given an opportunity to meet with any adoptive parents you have an interest in for your child, which is a process our agency will also walk you through to make it a positive and informative experience. 

From there, the choice is all yours. Whether you meet with one family or fifty families, we are here to facilitate and support anything you need to make a decision you feel confident in.

Contact us at Choosing Hope Adoption Agency if you are considering creating an adoption plan for your child. We are here to empower expectant mothers just like you to have a say in their child’s future!

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