Life After Placing A Child For Adoption

We are writing this right now for several groups of people who may be personally touched by a story of adoption. 

If you are a birth parent who has recently placed a child in adoption, this is for you. If you are unexpectedly pregnant and considering adoption, this is for you. If you know someone who is considering adoption or has placed a child for adoption this is also for you.

The journey of adoption doesn’t end when a birth mother releases her parental rights rights to the adoptive family of her choosing. She will still have many emotions and life changes to navigate. The truth is, adoption will always be apart of her story as she moves forward in life.

It can be hard for birth parents to return back to everyday life after placement. Even when a birth parent is confident that they made the right decision in making an adoption plan, they can still often times feel feelings of loss and grief. 

Processing these feelings and moving forward into everyday life can be hard but we are here to tell you it will be okay and there are many resources and actions you can take to help you cope and adjust. 

Be patient with yourself

Give yourself compassion as you just made an incredibly hard decision. Know that anything you are feeling is normal. From guilt and anger, grief and sadness, it is normal to feel a wide variety of emotions, maybe even all at the same time.

Pay attention to the way you are feeling and know that you don’t need to be ashamed no matter how you are feeling. Take time to care for yourself by getting rest, eating right, and exercising if you can. 

Connect with friends and family

Having a support system can be really helpful in the days, weeks, and months following placement. Don’t be afraid to reach out to family and friends who you feel comfortable with. It can be easy to isolate yourself in a challenging time but being with people who love and support you will be helpful in moving forward.

Utilize resources

Don’t shy away from utilizing resources available to you after placement. At Choosing Hope, we offer peer groups for birth mothers and can connect you will counseling resources post placement. Many birth mothers have benefited from being apart of our peer group and find comfort in relationships with women who have been through the same experiences. 

We are an adoption agency near Columbus, Ohio that is dedicated to caring and supporting women through every step of their adoption journey, which means even after you have placed your child, we are here to continue to help you move forward  in a healthy way!

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