Love and Ethics Remain in the Hard Situations

I am sitting at the coffee shop writing blog articles – so trendy and hip, right? I do love what I do, but so much of it isn’t trendy and hip. It’s oftentimes awkward, anxiety producing, and unnatural. What a combination of opposites that must exist together.

I’m so grateful for adoption and the heart-warming stories and futures adoption creates. I also have a front seat to the heartache, crisis situations, and trauma that can go along with adoption.

As incredible as adoption is, there is a very real and raw side as well. We encounter women in crisis situations, and we want to help. Often this looks like listening to their story, resourcing them, asking what challenges they are facing, and what they would need to parent their coming child.

Being committed to providing ethical adoption near Springfield and across Ohio means we provide support before the baby comes and adoption occurs. We want to get to know everyone that is involved in the process. That means getting to know the hopes and dreams of expecting parents.Hopes and dreams for their child. Fears and worries of expecting parents and fears and worries about their child.

Getting to a place where people are comfortable sharing takes intentionality and work, emotional work that the Choosing Hope Adoptions staff is ready and willing to invest in.

Risking our hearts with people is part of adoption work. It can’t be otherwise. Ethics don’t change when our hearts are heavy or light. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and honor and have someone to share the emotional journey of pregnancy and birth.

If you are experiencing an untimely pregnancy, facing a crisis parenting situation, or considering adoption near Springfield, Ohio, please reach out to us at anytime. We can be reached by phone or text 24/7 at 947-471-2954.  We are happy to share and support women and walk alongside them. We feel their pain and risk our hearts because they deserve it!

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