Making an Adoption Plan After Giving Birth

An adoption plan is a detailed outline made by the biological parent (or parents) of a child that will be placed for adoption. Deciding to make an adoption plan for your child is never easy. After all, it involves giving up your rights as the guardian of your child.

Many expecting parents, however, realize it’s the best chance for their child to have a strong, positive future. While most parents decide on adoption before giving birth to their child, that’s not always the case.

From time to time, a mom may bring her newborn home and parent for several weeks or even months before considering making an adoption plan. There are many reasons a mother may consider adoption after parenting. She may find that she doesn’t have the family support, financial resources, or emotional stability to parent.

At Choosing Hope, when we receive a call from a mom seeking to make an adoption plan, our first response is to make sure she has connected with all resources available to help her parent her child. It’s also important that we assess her emotional wellbeing. We want to be sure her consideration of making an adoption plan isn’t being propelled by post-partum depression.  

In the case that we have exhausted all parenting options and connected a mother with any applicable resources, we will come alongside her (and dad, if applicable) in making an adoption plan for her child. It is not at all uncommon for a mom to come to the conclusion that making an adoption plan for her child is best, even after having parented her child for some time.

To contact our adoption agency near Columbus, Ohio, call or text 937-471-2954 anytime 24/7 to speak with our expectant mom coordinator who will be eager to support you in any way possible.

We are here to walk alongside and support both expectant and current mothers. We want to be sure we are resourcing mothers to make the best decision for their family’s well being and life long needs. Our goal is to make this hard decision a little easier for every mom we work with!

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