Making an Adoption Plan When You’re Married and Expecting

Many assume that mothers who make an adoption plan for their child are single, recently broken-up, or in an otherwise unstable relationship. This is not always the case, however. In fact, some happily married couples choose to have their child adopted.

Sometimes, a married couple finds themselves unexpectedly pregnant. Other times, they may have been open to having a child, only to quickly realize they’re not ready for it. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know that adoption is still a viable option.

Choosing to make an adoption plan now doesn’t mean you can’t have another child later on. This decision is about what’s best for the child you’re currently carrying.

Being Married Doesn’t Mean You’re Ready to Be a Parent

Newly married couples often aren’t ready to raise a child yet. They may lack the finances, their schedules are too full, their jobs are too demanding, or they’re simply still getting to know each other better. Bringing a child into a marriage that isn’t ready to raise kids can strain your relationship and result in a broken home.

Parenting is an all-in experience. If you are not ready to provide the support and commitment a child needs to thrive in this world, then creating an adoption plan might be the best option. It’s not an easy choice to make, but as someone who is married, you don’t have to make it alone.

Making and Adoption Plan after Raising Children

Sometimes married couples who have already raised children find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. On many occasions we have walked with similar couples as they make an adoption plan for their coming baby.

There are many reason for making an adoption plan for your child.  We are here to guide you in telling your child’s story.

A Better Future for Your Child

Choosing to make an adoption plan for your child does not mean you’re giving up on them. It’s a selfless act of love made because you want what is best for their future. You might not be ready to be a parent, but there are many wonderful couples out there who are.

As a couple, you can find a loving home that can offer everything you want for your child. Married couples can receive the same benefits and treatment as single birthmoms, including financial support.

At Choosing Hope Adoptions, we work with biological parents to simplify the adoption process and help connect them with the type of family they want raising their child. Regardless of your relationship status, we’re here to partner with you and help create a better future for your child.

For an adoption agency in Columbus and the rest of Ohio, contact Choosing Hope Adoptions today.

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