Should I Tell My Adopted Child They Are Adopted?

As an adoption agency, we work with a wide variety of adoptive families. Each family has their own story or situation that brought them to adoption that is unique to them. While, each adoptive family we work with is different, there are also a few things they all have in common.

All our adoptive families will navigate the adjustments that comes with bringing a new child into their home. With that, many wonder how their adoption story will continue to impact their lives and the lives of their adoptive child.

Many of the adoptive families we work with ask if they should tell their child they’re adopted, and if so, when and how should they do so? While the answer to this question may vary from family to family, at Choosing Hope we have seen many families successfully navigate this part of the adoption process. 

Should you tell your child they are adopted?

The answer to this question may vary based on your families individual story or journey, but more often than not the answer is yes. We encourage all our adoptive families to tell their children they are adopted and to always be open with the story of their adoption. 

This will help prevent your child from finding out they are adopted from someone other than yourself and will allow you to make the fact that they are adopted a positive thing in their lives.

When should you tell your child they are adopted?

Again, each family will be different but we suggest you start telling your child about their adoption story from day one, maybe even before they are old enough to even comprehend. This way it will always be apart of their lives and never come as a surprise. 

How should you tell your child they are adopted?

If you communicate to your child that they are adopted from the beginning, it will always feel very natural. Most families choose to do so by recalling and retelling the story of their adoption and what lead them to becoming apart of the family. 

Another special way to recall the story is to celebrate it every year either on their birthday or the day they were adopted. 

When it comes to telling your child they are adopted, the  most important part is to keep it positive. Their adoption should be something that is always celebrated! You don’t ever want your child to feel that it is something that should be kept secret.

If your interested in adoption or looking for more resources to telling your child they are adopted, contact our christian adoption agency near Dayton Ohio for all the help and support you need to ensure your child feels loved and celebrated always!

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