The Truth About Choosing Adoption For Your Child

Between movies, books, social media, and the news, adoption is represented in many different ways and seen in many different lights. If you are considering making an adoption plan for your child, it can be hard to block out the opinions and views of others. It can also be hard to see past many of the common myths about choosing adoption.

We want to shed the truth on some of the most common myths we see affect birthmoms as they make this big decision.

Birthmothers always end up regretting their decision

Choosing adoption for your child is a big decision, and much like any big decision in life, it should be made thoughtfully. Many birthmoms are fearful they will make the “wrong” decision and regret it later on.

It should be known that you have the power and right to make your own decisions at all points of the adoption process. Having a say in the adoption plan, choosing adoptive parents, and knowing the rights you have as birth parents have helped many parents feel comfortable and confident in the decision they make.

Adoption is only for birthmother’s in their teens

We see mothers in their 20’s and 30’s struggle with negative feelings around seeking an adoption plan for their children. Society shows us that it’s okay for teen parents to seek adoption but not if you are beyond your teen years.

We help many mothers and couples who are well beyond their teen years on a consistent basis. Age does not eliminate adoption as an option for you.

Adoption will negatively affect your child

The effects of any big decision such as adoption should always be weighed thoroughly, but be careful to not get caught up in the potential negative effects and rare stories you hear on the news.

Historically, adopted children  grow up just as happy and loved, and they can be just as successful as a child who was not adopted. Adoption will always be apart of their story, and adoptees will work through that story throughout their life. Our desire as an agency is to work towards honoring all parts of the adoption triad, telling the story well, for the lifelong health of adoptee.

Adoption is a selfish choice

We see many expecting moms and birthmothers feel guilt over thinking about making an adoption plan because they think it is selfish. Society can make it seem as an option mothers chose to make their lives easier.

At Choosing Hope Adoptions, we know that making an adoption plan is not an easy decision and isn’t a quick fix to make anyone’s lives easier. Adoption is always chosen out of love and should never be seen as a selfish act, in fact we know it is quite the opposite.

You won’t know who is raising your child

This fear of the unknown can be scary, which is why we have eliminated it. With Choosing Hope, we have given birth mothers a say in every step of the adoption process. This means you get to be involved in choosing adoptive parents, giving you peace of mind for the rest of your life.

We don’t want to see any of these myths stop anyone from making a decision that could be best for their family. If you’re looking for an adoption agency near Dayton, Ohio, or throughout the rest of the state, contact us at Choosing Hope and we would love to shine the truth on any questions you may have about the adoption process.

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