What Are Birthmom Expenses?

Birthmom expenses are a common yet sometimes controversial topic in the adoption world. When an expectant mom who is making an adoption plan for her coming baby is in need, birthmom expenses are funds provided to help cover her livings costs.

We have found that when these funds are handled and distributed ethically, they are a blessing not just to an expectant mother but the adoptive parents as well.

In Ohio, up to $3,000 can be paid for a mom making an adoption plan for her baby and can be distributed for costs incurred up to 60 days past the birth of a child. These funds can be used for living expenses that ensure the mom and her coming baby are safe and healthy, including rent or mortgage, food, utilities, gas, and clothing.

Many women who we work with have found themselves in difficult situations and are having to make even more difficult decisions for the wellbeing of their family. When a mom we are serving has a need, we see it as an opportunity to serve and bless her!

When a need arises, we will collaborate with social service agencies to cover the need. When that isn’t possible, we will cover the need for her. Choosing Hope will not distribute funds directly to expectant mothers, but instead, we will pay the bill for her. In many cases, we will have one of our staff members or even the adoptive family take her shopping with a gift card, which provides a wonderful opportunity to build lasting relationships.

Negative Feelings We Want to Avoid

We never want an expectant mom to feel like her baby is being bought. This is why “cutting a check” to a mom who is making an adoption plan is not only frowned upon, but the Ohio law is very clear it should rarely be done. We believe a mom making an adoption plan should always feel loved, honored, and respected.

Birthmom expenses are an “at risk” cost to the adoptive parents. This means should the biological mom decide to parent those fees used are the responsibility of the adoptive parents she had chosen.  We typically work to keep birthmom expenses below $1500 before placement and if need be will disperse the remaining $1500 after placement. This protects our adoptive parents from losing an excessive amount of money should the birthmom that chose them with decide to parent.

These negative feeling towards birthmom expenses are often overcome when expectant moms and adoptive parents recognize what a wonderful tool they are for opening doors of communication and building lifelong relationship.

If you are considering adoption and looking for an adoption agency in Springfield, Ohio, or throughout the state of Ohio, Choosing Hope can walk you through the process every step of the way. We always have the best interest of both the biological family and adoptive parents at heart.

*birthmom expenses should always be distributed through an agency and never by the adoptive parents directly

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