When Can an Expectant Mother Choose an Adoptive Family?

In the adoption world you will commonly hear the terms “Chosen” or “Matched”, specifically by adoptive parents. This refers to when an expectant mother chooses an adoptive family to raise her child.

The journey to being chosen by an expectant mom has many ins and outs. Here are some things Choosing Hope Adoptions likes to see happen before a birthmom chooses a family:

Build Relationship

Time willing, we want to build a relationship with her. We want to get to know her heart, her hopes and dreams for herself, her baby, and if applicable, the father of the child.  We want to sit with her over a cup of coffee and listen. We want to know her story.

Allow the Mom to Experience Her Pregnancy

We want a pregnant mom to hear her baby’s heartbeat and physically see her baby on an ultrasound. We want mom to have had a significant amount of time to feel her baby move inside her. Giving her time to experience her pregnancy will help her make a confident decision.

Time to Dream

We want to give her time to consider and dream of the type of family she wants her baby to grow up in. She should have enough time to consider if she will be able to provide that life or find an adoptive family to do so for her coming baby.

Gather Medical Records

We verify every pregnancy with mom’s obstetrician and collect necessary medical details.  It is important to Choosing Hope Adoptions that the expectant parents we serve have had ample time to consider both parenting and making an adoption plan for their coming baby. For this reason, we typically wait until after mom has entered her 3rd trimester before she chooses an adoptive family for her coming baby.
For an adoption agency in Dayton, Ohio, or throughout Ohio, Choosing Hope is here to help  pregnant mothers and adoptive families as they navigate through the adoption process.

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