Where to Begin When You Want to Adopt

We haven’t done the math, but based on our experiences and conversations with the families we work with, we have a feeling that the difference in number of people who think about adopting and the number of people who actually adopt or take any steps towards adoption is pretty drastic. 

Simply thinking about adopting can feel like a giant decision, one which can be derailed quickly when you have no idea how to put your thoughts into action. 

How do you know where to begin the process of adoption or where to find reliable trustworthy information? These questions can become overwhelming and stop many potential adoptive parents in their tracks. 

It makes us sad to think about all the wonderful parents out there who would make amazing adoptive parents if they only were given the right resources and steps to follow. For this reason we have assembled our first steps towards adoption for anyone considering making this decision.

Step 1: Find an adoption agency

We know, step one already sounds a bit overwhelming. Once this step is complete, however, you will have a partner and advocate to walk you through all the rest. This step will most likely start with some internet research. 

We suggest to start with a search for agencies in your area. Once you have narrowed down which agencies are near you, you will want to find out a bit about the way they operate. What are their values? This can be done online or even better, in person. 

For a christian adoption agency near Dayton, Ohio look no further than Choosing Hope Adoption Agency. We supply a wealth of information about our agency online and love to meet with prospective adoptive parents in person, as well

Step 2: Pre- Application

Remember, once you complete step one, the rest will be easy as your will have someone to walk and guide you through each one. The pre-application will aide in the process of you and your agency getting to know each other. It will determine if you meet the requirement for adoption through any given agency.

Step 3: Application

This is where you will find out and gather any documents you may need required by state and federal government. These documents will also help begin the process of your home study.

Step 4: Home Study

This step is required by state law. Choosing Hope will conduct domestic home study services throughout Ohio. We also use this as an opportunity to continue to educate prospective adoptive families about Adoption.

Once you make it through these steps you will be well on your way to becoming adoptive parents. These first few steps can feel intimidating but when your working with the right christian adoption agency you will be supported every step of the way!

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