Adoption is Not a Transaction

At Choosing Hope Adoptions, it is our mission to provide ethical adoption services. This carries into everything we do, from providing care and support to biological parents to walking beside adopting families as they wait for a child to call their own. 

Through all of this, we strive to ensure that the act of adoption is kept in proper perspective. 

A birthmom decides that her child’s best chance at a healthy, successful future is to be raised by another family. Meanwhile, a loving, stable family has decided they want to open their home to a child that was brought into this world by someone else. 

The exact reasons for these decisions vary greatly from case to case, but ultimately,  private domestic adoption is the process of a biological parent telling their child’s story by choosing to make an adoption plan for them. They have decided, as a parent, this is best for their child.  

Though there are expenses involved in adoption, the adopting family is not “buying” a child, nor is the birthmom selling their child. This is not a transaction. 

Understanding Where the Money Goes 

A lot is said about how expensive adoption can be. The truth is, the exact cost of adoption can vary greatly depending on what agency the adoptive parents goes through.  

When dealing with an ethical adoption agency the expense of the adoption comes from the relational process of building trusting relationships and assuring all paperwork is done legally and ethically. Assuring that all parties in the adoption triad are protected is a significant legal undertaking, as it should be. Medical professionals, lawyers, social workers, counselors, and administrators are all needed to handle the process and ensure the child is being placed in a loving, capable home. 

Professional services are required to facilitate the process, handle paperwork, and assess the biological parents, child, and adoptive family. This is where our services come in. We work hard to keep our operational costs as low as possible so that waiting families can experience a more affordable adoption process. 

Adoption is a Lifelong Journey 

Another major problem with viewing adoption as a transaction is the idea that it’s a one-and-done event. You pay the money, the child comes under your custody, and that’s it. This, of course, is not true at all. 

Even after you’ve gone through the process, had a child placed in your home, paid the necessary fees, and finalized your adoption, the journey has only begun. You are now a parent of a wonderful child, and you will remain so for the rest of your life. You have also said YES to loving your child’s biological family. Whether or adoption is open, semi-open, or closed you have a responsibility to honor this relationship in the highest regard. Choosing Hope Adoptions is here, for the long haul, to help you navigate and grow this relationship. 

Every child comes with unique needs and traits. In the case of an adopted child, there is a greater chance of being prenatally exposed, depending on how long it was before the mother knew she was pregnant. Of course, when working with an ethical adoption agency, this is something you will know beforehand. 

Where to Begin 

Adoption agencies will ultimately handle the distribution of funds. That’s why it’s very important that you utilize an ethical, affordable adoption agency. As we mentioned earlier, Choosing Hope Adoptions works hard to keep our costs as low as we can. 

For an adoption agency in Cincinnati, Columbus, and the rest of Ohio, contact Choosing Hope Adoptions today. 

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