Adoption vs. Foster Care – Which is Right for Me?

If you’re pregnant and unsure of whether or not you’re in a position to care for a child, it’s important to consider your options. Two options available to expecting birthmoms are adoption and foster care. While these options are familiar to almost everyone, many aren’t sure what the distinctions are between the two choices. 

On the surface, adoption and foster care serve a very similar function. They provide a home for a child when the birthparents are unable to. The specifics of how each does this, however, differ in a number of ways. 

Let’s take a look at both options. 

Foster Care 

Foster care is considered more of a temporary solution. When a child is placed in foster care, the birthparent doesn’t give up full custody. Generally, the hope is that the child will be able to return to their birthparents’ home eventually. 

When your child is in foster care, you retain your parental rights, at least to a degree. Some rights may be under the supervision of the state. While foster parents have a certain amount of authority over the children they’re supervising, there are certain decisions they can’t make. 

This includes medical decisions, school selection, religious observation, and more. 

After an extended period of time, if the parent is still not able to care for their child, the state may terminate their parental rights. At this point, the foster family may adopt the child, or the child may be adopted by another family. 


Private adoption is a permanent solution where one or two people, that you have chosen, are given full parental rights to your child. They have the same authority the birthparents would otherwise have.  Because of this, the birthparents no longer have parental rights over their child.  

If you’ve given birth to a child, and made an adoption plan for them, it’s important to remember that while you aren’t parenting them day to day, they remain your legacy, even when you choose adoption for them.  With every adoption that we do we work closely with the birth parents and adoptive parents on making an open adoption agreement. As a birthparent you always remain an important part of your child’s life.  

Not Sure Which is Best for Your Child? 

As a birthmom who is unsure whether they’re ready to care for their child or not, you face a difficult choice. Ultimately, it’s about determining what’s best for your child. At Choosing Hope Adoptions, we act as a resource for expecting moms and birthmoms of all situations. 

Even if you’re not sure on adoption, talking to an agency such as ourselves can help you understand your options and what the processes look like. 

If you do decide on adoption, you’ll want to create an adoption plan. We can assist with the process while working to find a loving home for your child. 

For an adoption agency working in Cincinnati, Columbus, and the rest of Ohio, contact Choosing Hope Adoptions today! 

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