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The Support You Need, When You Need It Most

When you’re a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy, or you’ve been trying for years to bring a child into your family, there are often moments that feel dark and overwhelming. Let Choosing Hope Adoptions be your light. We help birth mothers in Cincinnati find parents who can provide a loving, nurturing home for their babies.

Choosing Hope Adoptions helps expecting mothers and parents longing for a child find each other. We provide a full range of services for birth mothers, babies, and families involved in Cincinnati adoption. How can we help you? Call or text us 24/7.

Supported Mothers Lead to Successful Adoptions

It’s natural to expect the adoption process to focus on the child. But we also understand that pregnant women need compassion and support, both for healthy childbirth and for successful adoption. Throughout your pregnancy, we will be by your side, offering professional counseling services and a stipend of up to $3,000 to help you with housing and the essential provisions you need, including nutritious food and prenatal vitamins.

We know that you and your child have the best chance at a safe, full-term pregnancy when you have peace of mind. Let our team of caring professionals ease many of your worries during a potentially stressful time.

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We’ll Stay by Your Side After Your Child is Born

When you work with Choosing Hope Adoptions, our support doesn’t stop once you’ve given birth to your child. Should you place your child for adoption with one of our loving expectant families, we offer a birth mom support group where you can get encouragement and share experiences with other women who have chosen adoption.

If you decide you want to keep and raise your baby, that’s okay. We have plenty of resources available for you as you navigate parenthood and early child development. You’re worthy of support whether you choose to raise or place your child.

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Get to Know Prospective Families

Knowing who will raise and love your child is important. You can be assured that every one of our adoptive parents has passed our thorough screening process and meet the state’s standards, as well as our exacting standards for providing a safe home filled with love and joy.

We want you to know the families who are waiting to welcome a child into their home. You can see many of these families and learn about them on our website. Once you choose a family for your child, we’ll work with you and the adoptive parents to set up an adoption plan that works for you and your child’s family. You can choose to have periodic visitation or follow your child’s growth and progress through photos, letters, and videos.

Helping You Welcome a New Child into Your Family

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for an opportunity to welcome a child into your family, you have likely explored many options, including adoption. We know what a challenging and mysterious process adopting a child can be—many of us have experienced it ourselves. If your family is exploring Cincinnati adoption, it’s important to work with an agency that values transparency, communication, and support for your family, the child, and the birth mother.

Choosing Hope Adoptions will be with your family through every step of the adoption process. The initial screening covers both state and our own standards for ensuring children are placed in a safe, loving home. We’ll also be at your side through the application process until your adoption is finalized. And we also have tools and resources available to help you and your adopted child adjust to your new life together.

Keeping Adoption Affordable for Families

One of the reasons many families give up on adopting a child is the often overwhelming cost. For many prospective parents, these costs can skyrocket quickly, depleting a family’s resources.

Placing children with deserving families is our top priority, so we strive to keep adoption costs as low as possible. We want your family to get off to the best start possible in your new life together. Therefore, it’s essential for your family to have more of your funds available to cover the expenses that come with welcoming a new child.

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Help is Here When You Need It

We all have aspirations for ourselves, our children, and our families. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than helping expecting mothers through a challenging time and to help parents adopt the child they’ve hoped and prayed for. At Choosing Hope Adoptions, our goal is a successful and rewarding adoption experience for birth moms, children, and adoptive families.

If you’re pregnant and unsure of what to do, you don’t have to face your decision alone. We have the support and resources you need to help you make the best choice for you, your future, and your baby’s future.

For parents hoping to adopt a child, our staff is always available to answer your questions and concerns and guide you through the complicated adoption process. Let us take the mystery and anxiety out of adoption so you can focus on the dreams you have for your family.

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Choose Ethical Adoption

Choosing Hope Adoptions is an ethical agency helping pregnant women and prospective families through the open adoption process. We work diligently to protect the rights of the child, the birth mom, and the adoptive family. You will never be rushed into making a decision you’re uncomfortable with, and you have the support of our entire team from start to finish (and beyond). We are a licensed Christian agency helping women and families with Cincinnati adoption through counseling, education, and, for birth mothers, financial support.

Whether you’re hoping to adopt a child, or you have chosen to place your child (or children) in a safe, nurturing home, it’s important to work with an agency that will respect the needs and wishes of all parties. You don’t have to figure all of this out on your own. Give us a call or send us a text any time, any day of the week.