What if No One Adopts My Child?

It’s natural for an expecting mom to have concerns when considering adoption. There’s the uncertainty of letting go of a child once it’s born. They fear that they might change their mind when the time comes. They wonder if the adoptive family will make good parents.  

Some may even wonder whether their child will be adopted in the first place. 

At Choosing Hope Adoptions, one of our top priorities is to make sure expecting moms and birthmoms are properly taken care of and that all of their questions are answered. Your baby’s due date can create a sense of urgency to find adoption parents as soon as possible. It’s important to understand that adoption is a process, and the amount of time that process takes can vary from person to person. 

For expecting moms, adoption is about finding the right family to adopt your child. 

You Still Have Time After the Child is Born 

Some expecting moms are concerned about giving birth before an adoptive family has been found. However, even if you have chosen a family by then, the adoption process can’t actually be finalized until after the birth of the child. It’s perfectly normal for an expecting mom to still be deciding on an adoptive family when their child is born.  

After all, choosing an adoptive family isn’t something you want to rush into.  

Even if you haven’t chosen to make an adoption plan by the time your child is born, it’s not too late. Often times, a mom doesn’t realize that adoption is the best choice for their child until after they’ve taken the child home. There is still plenty of time to find a loving family for your child. 

What If My Child Isn’t Adopted? 

If you’re working with the right adoption agency, there shouldn’t be any issue finding a home for your child. In fact, you’ll likely have plenty of waiting families to choose from. At Choosing Hope Adoptions, we have numerous waiting families at any given time who are ready to bring a new child into their family. It’s our goal to ensure that you find a home that meets your desires for your child’s future. We are confident that you will find wonderful parents for your child through our services. 

For an adoption agency in Cincinnati, Columbus, and the rest of Ohio, contact Choosing Hope Adoptions today. 

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