What if My Child Has a Health Diagnosis in Utero?

Medical technology has come a long way in all areas of medicine. This has allowed our medical professionals to use tools and technology to better help their patients, answer more questions, and ultimately save countless more lives. 

In the area of pregnancy and care in utero, we have seen many advances as well. When your grandparents had children, they didn’t get to see the baby through an ultrasound, find out the gender beforehand, or have the option to perform any genetic blood tests. Before these medical advances that have now become common practice, you knew little about your baby until you gave birth. 

Of course, the mother and baby were getting to know each other as she carried her baby for 9 months in utero, which is a special bond. Still, the overall health of a baby was largely a mystery. 

Today, doctors are able to ensure your baby is healthy through ultrasound, blood tests, fetal dopplers, and a whole array of other markers, such as your belly size and blood pressure. 

What Happens When Your Doctor Isn’t Able to Ensure Your Baby is Completely Healthy?

During the series of tests and exams you will experience during pregnancy, some expectant mothers find themselves processing news of a health diagnosis or birth defect of their baby. Whether your pregnancy is planned or unplanned this can be hard news to process. 

Many women find themselves wondering if they see themselves being able to parent a child with special needs or a health concern. We understand receiving this news can change the way you envision your future with this baby, 

Many women go on to deliver babies with health concerns who will grow up and live happy and healthy lives. The good news is, not only have there been medical advances to diagnose health concerns, but there are also many modern advances and services to help you raise a child with a health concern. Many women, however, find themselves considering abortion in light of a health diagnosis in utero. Your doctor may even present you with this option. 

We want you to know there are alternatives to abortion around Cinicinnati, Ohio. 

Creating an adoption plan for a child with special needs or a child with a health diagnosis is an option.You may find yourself worried about whether or not someone would want to adopt your child, but at Choosing Hope Adoption Agency, we are here to assure you we have seen countless success stories from families who have adopted children with special needs. 

Our job as an adoption agency near Cincinnati, Ohio is to foster a solution and walk you through an adoption process that will be the absolute best situation for you as the birth mother, your child, no matter if they have special needs or not, and the adoptive parents. 

There is an alternative to abortion, and we want to help you find it!

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